Sultan’s Delights

Ingredients: 400g/14oz of Emmental cheese 500g/17½oz of quince paste Flour 2 eggs Breadcrumbs Oil for frying Method: Cut the quince paste and cheese into fairly thin slices and make “sandwiches” by placing one slice of cheese between two of quince paste. Beat the eggs while heating the oil, and coat the “sandwiches” in flour. Dip

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Quince Crème Caramel

Ingredients: 8 eggs ½ litre/17½fl oz of milk ½ litre/17½fl oz of cream 200g/7¼oz of quince paste 200g/7¼oz of sugar Lemon juice Method: Mix the chopped quince paste and the milk to an even paste. Add the cream and eggs and mix well. Do not beat. Make the clear caramel syrup using the sugar and

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Autumn salad

Ingredients: 200 g of mixed leaf salads (endive, lamb’s lettuce, etc) 100 g feta cheese (other soft cheese may also be used) 100 g parmesan 100 g quince paste 1 pomegranate, peeled 20 g walnuts, shelled 20 g blanched almonds Salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar Method: First, chop the mixed leaves. Separate the pomegranate

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Summer salad

Ingredients: 200 g lamb’s lettuce 12 cherry tomatoes 150 g cottage cheese (Manchego cheese can also be used) 100 g quince paste 2 walnuts, shelled Salt, olive oil and balsamic vinegar Method: Cut the cheese and quince paste into cubes. Mix with the lamb’s lettuce. Decorate with the walnuts and cherry tomatoes, and dress to

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Salmon and quince salad

Ingredients: 1 lettuce 100 g smoked salmon 150 g cottage cheese 50 g quince paste 20 g pine kernels 5 sp olive oil  1 sp tarragon vinegar Salt Method: First chop the lettuce. Cut the smoked salmon into small pieces. Next, cut the quince paste and cheese into cubes. Mix with the lettuce and then

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