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Artisan quince


Founded in 1.949, MEMBRILLO EMILY, S.L. is a pioneering company in the production of quince meat. With facilities of over 8,000m2, located in the heart of Murcia’s orchards, we guarantee access to the best selection of fruit
for the production of our products.

We are a family business with more than seventy years of experience in the sector, we have dedicated ourselves to the elaboration of quince products. We have more than 8000 m2 of facilities, located in the heart of the Mediterranean orchard.
We have the most modern advances in conservation and processing, guaranteeing our processes and products, but respecting the traditional production that has made us leaders in the sector for quality.

The growth of Membrillo Emily has been supported by two basic pillars, Quality, which has become the main objective for this company. And the innovation and development of new products, thus responding to the demands of a market in continuous movement. This, together with excellent service and attention to our customers, has made Membrillo Emily a company that grows day by day and that stands out from the rest, thus becoming a leading company. Currently our products are sold both in the national and international market, reaching countries as diverse as England, France, the United States, Russia, Australia, Portugal….

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