Welcome to Membrillo Emily S.L.

Our family has been making quince products since 1949. Throughout this time we have faced and dealt with the many changes which have arisen in the market, and have been pioneers in doing so in some cases.

The location of our premises, in the heart of the abundant fruit and vegetable gardens of the Mediterranean, guarantees access to the finest selection of fruit for our products. 

The growth of Membrillo Emily has been based on two fundamental pillars. One is the centered on the quality of the products we make which has become the main objective of this company. The other is innovation and the development of new products, in response to the demands of a market in constant motion. Our policy is complemented by excellent customer service and attention. All of this has made Membrillo Emily a company that is growing every day and is different from all the rest, making it a leading company. 


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